Monday, 5 October 2009

Free Seating Plan Templates

We have created some word document seating plan templates, feel free to use and download these when designing your own Table Seating Plan. We have also written a guide, how we find the best way to make a seating table plan.

Free Table Seating Plan Templates:
Download Here: Table Seating Plan For 9 Tables
Download Here: Top Table Seating Plan Template

Making A Table Seating Plan
1) All table plans are different, it is best to work from the floor plan.
2) Firstly draw it out on a piece of scrap paper.
3) Set this out on a word document using shapes to format/represent tables on an A5 size of card: don’t worry about adding any names initially. Just work out how many tables will be used, and roughly how many seats per table, once you know the number of tables, you can print it out in numbered format or name the tables.
4) Use a printed sheet just to show your guests where the tables are in the room. The A5 size sheet is ideal for this, but the choice is yours. If you use two large A2 seating plan boards, print one for each board.
5) Once this has been done, you can print this out on A5 overlay paper. Use scrap to set it first.
6) When you have completed the layout format. You can now group your guests as you feel will be suited. Again, using scrap paper, jot down names first, whilst working them out.
7) You can print this out on A6 size of overlay paper.
8) Print your names & date of wedding on long narrow overlay papers, again if you use two boards, print one for each board.
9) Now you can place overlay papers on to backing cards, using the tape runner pen. Before sticking them to the Mount board, you will need to decide, how you are going to lay them out.
10) If you have more than 5 tables, it is best to use two mount boards, placing the table number format in the centre, and placing the names around this.

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  1. Thank you. You have just saved me a massive Job.


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