Friday, 9 October 2009

Printable Place Card Templates & Downloads

If you are having a traditional Wedding with a sit down reception, you will probably want to allocate your guests to seats with a place card. Most brides choose to use a traditional tent place card. These are small place cards with a single fold down the centre.

If you are lucky enough to have great neat handwriting, you can write directly onto the cards, with a nice calligraphy or gel pen. However, most of us are not this fortunate, and so will probably want to print on them, so using our unique printable place card templates, will make the whole job a lot easier. Our place card templates will print beautifully onto our own pre-scored place cards, which have been pre-cut to a specific size 90x90mm, they are supplied flat packed, allowing you to put through a printer quit easily, all you will need to do is adjust the gage in the printer tray.

Alternatively you can print the names of your guests on a sheet of vellum, insert paper, or pearlescent paper then cut to smaller size, you can either use the printed guest name as a wrap around the place card, or cut into strips where the guest name is printed, then adhere to the pre-scored place cards. Purchasing blank place cards and using printable downloadable templates to print directly onto them, will allow you to have great professional looking table staionery, but still allowing you to decorate further accordingly.

You can follow your theme throughout your diy wedding stationery and embellish with your chosen design to match your invitations, so your reception tables will look perfect, with matching items.

We have created designer printable templates for printing on our blank place cards, also word document for those wanting to use a text document without ant design, so feel free to download this and use accordingly.

Free Place Card Word Doc* Template: Place Card Template 90x90mm

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