Monday, 16 November 2009

Free Place Card Template

When making placecards, the one thing most people struggle with, is deciding whether to print them, or to write them.

Depending on your computer and printing knowledge experiance, it is now quite easy to print on most card sizes. Witha little bit of guidence, we find most people can easily achieve great results when printing on them. Of course, if you have great neat handwriting, or somone in your family has great writing, they can still look fantastic. You can use a nice calligraphy pen, and with a little practise, they can look great.

If you dont fancy writing or printing directly onto the place cards, you can print names on to some nice vellum, or parchment paper, they cut out and stick to the place card.

If you prefer to print onto an A4 sheet size card, then cut your cards to size, then we also have a few FREE placecard templates.

For those wishing to print directly onto the place card, we have produced a word document template for 90x90mm size place cards. To print on this size, you just need to adjust your printer tray settings accordingly. Free Place Card Word Doc* Template: Place Card Template 90x90mm

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